Rhythm Path Practice: Showing Up

“I almost didn’t come tonight because it was so cold out, and I was still tired from the weekend.  But, as soon as I walked in, I was so glad I showed up!”

That comment was made by one of the participants of a Meditation Drumming session i recently conducted.  All in the group nodded in agreement.

Another person added, “Just showing up regularly is the most important part of  life!  That’s what Jim means when he says that we make progress by choosing a path, and then moving forward on that path by creating a step-by-step Rhythmic Practice.

“Showing up” takes many forms; it means honoring our commitments to others and to ourselves, it means being fully engaged in whatever we do, and it means being willing to be creative in the way we live our lives.

Following my Rhythm Path Practice metaphor; we get good at the things we repeat, so we want to make sure we’re repeating the things we WANT to get good at!

This is our Practice… our ongoing repeating of Positive Life Rhythms.  So “showing up” becomes a Practice that is reinforced through practice; the more we show up, the easier it becomes to show up again!

Jim Greiner's Meditation Drumming sessions worldwide.

Jim Greiner’s Meditation Drumming sessions worldwide.

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