5 Ways Drumming Can Reinforce Positive Life Rhythms

Our lives are an intricate series of intertwining rhythms.  We have internal rhythms such as the pulsing of our heartbeat, the cycles of our breathing, the rhythmic firing of our neurons, the muscle memories that we’ve reinforced through repeating physical actions, and even the patterns of our thoughts.  Our external rhythms include our habits, whether productive or non-productive, that we reinforce every time we repeat them.

We have an innate ability to reinforce our internal and external rhythms, patterns of action and attitude, that help us to uplift, focus and energize ourselves in profoundly positive ways!

Drumming is one of humanity’s oldest ways to cultivate and strengthen life rhythms that empower us.  I’ve learned many things while playing and teaching hand drum and hand percussion instruments in Santa Cruz and worldwide.  One fundamental principle I’ve learned is  that drumming, with a grounding in the universal principles of rhythm, has many of the same physical, mental and emotional benefits as Yoga, Martial Arts, meditation and athletics.

Some of the real-world benefits of intentional drumming include:

  1. Reinforcing breathing patterns that release stress while energizing mind and body
  2. Relaxing our body by repeating movements that calm our inner pulse
  3. Clearing our mind of mental “chatter”
  4. Reinforcing our innate ability to engage completely in what we are doing
  5. Celebrating life’s blessings by creating joyful music… by playing!



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