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Flow And Groove

One of the participants in a recent corporate team building rhythm session that I conducted in San Diego remarked that he was moved to re-read the book, Flow, because i included that concept in the session.  That inspired me to re-read parts of it again, myself! I enthusiastically recommend psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly’s ground-breaking book, Flow, […]

Harnessing Our Inner Rhythmic Power To Reinforce Positive Actions

“I was excited to have the large drum (Djembe) to play, and I thought that I’d have a fun time banging away on it to blow off steam… to release stress!” “But, as soon as I started to play, I realized that, since I had such a large, powerful instrument, I had a responsibility to […]

Calming Our Inner Pulse Through Drumming

“Grandfather, what has changed about the drumming from the time you were a young man?” I asked this question many years ago when, as a young man, I had the honor of drumming with an elder of the Chumash People of southern California named Semu Haute, though everyone simply called him Grandfather. After a long, […]